3i Group is a wholly Botswana citizen owned company that is driven to deliver unique solutions to corporations of varied industries. It is our vision to transform the now business environment to a responsive environment and make most realize their potential by capitalizing on the ever evolving technology landscape. With profound expertise and competitive advantage in delivering Business Intelligence solutions and Process Automation we ensure that organisations make the most use of the valuable information locked in their various data sources and use these insights to make important performance and strategic decisions.

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Advancing your business

BIZerp, is a revolutionary ERP solution with an intuitive, easy to use interface that allows users to quickly do their work. It goes an extra mile to integrate all aspects of the business including controlling various work flows within the organization. Management is able to trace how results came about, get daily overview of operations, drill down on information and make better business decisions.
  • Business Intelligence

    1. Delivering insightful, intelligent reports for efficient, better decisions
    2. Optimize business performance decisions
    3. Reduce costs and increase revenue
    4. Sustained competitive advantage
    5. Management view of organisations Key Performance Indicators

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  • Business Process Management

    1. Process optimization, improvement and automation
    2. Inter-departmental process automation and collaboration
    3. Save money, time and retain skilled personnel and information
    4. Out perform business goals with real time insights

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    1. Manage the whole organisation using one solution
    2. Easy consolidation of process functions
    3. High visibility workflows for collaboration